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Business Planning – Reames Employee Benefits Solutions
Ensuring your business is protected and well prepared for the future or the unexpected is important for you and your business. With our business planning expert having over 30 years of experience we can consult you and guide you through the options and put in place a buy-sell agreement that make sense to you. A buy-sell agreement is a contract between different entities within a corporation to buy out the interests of a deceased or disabled member. A buy-sell agreement also can protect the business from loss of revenue and cover the expense of finding and training a replacement. Common types of buy-sell agreements:
  • Cross-Purchase Agreement
  • Stock-Redemption Agreement
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning
The unexpected unfortunately happens but putting into place a buy-sell agreement can give you the peace of mind knowing your company and its assets will be taken care of. Contact us to talk more on how we can help design and put in place a buy-sell agreement for your business today.