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Benefits Blueprint Solution™ – Reames Employee Benefits Solutions
We created the Benefits Blueprint Solution™ to help you:
  • Save time & money
  • Recruit and retain the most productive employees
  • Meet your corporate objectives
The Benefits Blueprint Solution is a step-by-step coaching process divided into four distinct stages:

Stage I – Discovery

We help you assess your current situation and develop a clear and powerful vision for your benefits/incentive programs. The first step is to rate the effectiveness of your company’s employee benefits program.

Stage II – Planning

Here, we hold two sessions with HR & benefits management to develop a strategic benefits plan:
  1. The Benefits & Systems Assessment Session – A detailed assessment of your current employee incentive programs, systems and technology
  2. The Benefits Blueprint Session – Helps you develop a step-by-step blueprint for the appropriate products, strategies and time required to achieve your goals

Stage III – Implementation

This stage consists of all the necessary steps to make the right vendor and product selections, insure a smooth and successful rollout, and put in place the appropriate resources for ongoing support:
  1. Benefits Analysis & Recommendations Report – A report containing a detailed cost and bid analysis of the required products and resources
  2. Benefits & Systems Rollout – Professional resources and assistance to insure the effective implementation of your plan
  3. Benefits Support & Administration – On-site Benefits Administration Manager™, Benefits Administration Team™, COBRA administration, and Form 5500 preparation

Stage IV – Review

Finally, we provide periodic reviews to make sure your current programs and plans are still in synch with the business as it grows and changes:
  1. Wrap-Up Review
  2. Mid-Year Review
  3. Pre-Renewal Review
After you have worked through the Benefits Blueprint Solution™ you will:
  • Have reduced your liability by outsourcing and dealing more effectively with regulatory issues
  • Have efficient and effective systems in place
  • Be able to data-mine and find meaningful information to generate reports and carry out planning
  • Have more time to initiate strategic and productive projects
  • Have more time to work on training programs and building a more productive workforce
  • Have a multi-year benefits strategy and benefits philosophy that supports your business plan
  • Have happier employees that appreciate and understand your benefits program